This is the generic ‘Welcome’ image. Why?

Got us a cheap fucking website. $4/mo. That’s less than a beer (if you’re out) and less than a sixer of Hamm’s (if you’re drinking at home or in public.) Seemed like a good idea. Everyone’s getting website these days…(interrupted by a whisper in the ear) what’s that? I’ve just been told that this fad is 25 years old.

It’s podcasts these days. But I don’t have the voice for that. So it’s this website, featuring fliers, zines, parties, Yoshi, any wacky stuff Jack and I come up with – like, a two story pinewood derby, slotcar tournament, IKEA race (on shrooms), high stakes uno tournament, War of the Wings, skiiball, more hotdogs, hellraiser movie marathon, worthless sin-tar, the $0 party, competitive checkers league, a youtube channel, a record label, a skyscraper in downtown NYC, Emmy’s, overdoses, iron lungs, mummies.

Only doing this for Jack’s entertainment.


Follow this bullshit:

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