The Indy 500: a zine

We have this idea for a literary zine based on the 500 word essay called The Indy 500. A topic is chosen, and you create a work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry (or alternately, you can dig something up from your past) that is within the 500 word limit. A deadline is set and any and all submissions are published within a month or so. By published I mean crudely cut and pasted together and photocopied down at Kinko’s. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put this down on your resume as the author you are. People are going to respect you as a published author. Especially if you are able to follow the 500 word essay format. By format I mean word count. Font size and margins don’t matter. Although bonus points are given if you sextuple space your submission. Bonus points for what you ask? You’re going to save ten cents a gallon at Kroger’s, which in turn you can spend at the book fair on a poster of Avril Lavigne.

The subject for each issue is posted on the website and Instagram. Interpret this concept HOWEVER you see fit – or unfit. Also if you want to get liberal with the number 500, you don’t even have to use words. If you have 500 Micro Machines that you want to set up in a Seattle style traffic jam and take a picture of, go ahead. Or if you count out 500 rocks from the muddy banks of the river in Marot park, that works too. You’re the damn artist here. But if you want to take the guidelines more literally, that is fine. That’s what I’m going to do. So to give you an idea, this is 500 words. And is absolutely non-fiction. The deadline is the first of the month. That gives us some time to throw together a last minute, night before, I’m 36 and should stop procrastinating and act like a responsible adult that society wants me to be, Xeroxed poorly at 2 am diy zine that will be available soon after. Each issue is limited to 31 physical copies…but fear not, there will be a digital and photographic representation on this site. So we’ll see how this goes. But 500 words isn’t that hard to come up with. I’m obviously rambling in this description. It’s a relatively straightforward concept that probably only takes about a dozen words to explain but it’s been stretched out to meet the word count criteria. This writing took less than an hour to do, so this really isn’t that much to ask. And we really believe in you specifically. We’ve asked some of our favorite artists, writers, thinkers, jokers, or whatever label you identify with (or for the anarchists, the lack of labels) to submit for this project. We won’t censor anything unless it is blatantly hateful to groups of people. Here is your writing prompt for this month and chance to get famous! Ok, probably not.


Current issue

In 2020, we are going monthly with the deadline for each issue on the 1st. Submit to

Issue 7 topic: Waiting. Deadline March 1.

Issue 8 topic: Depression. Deadline April 1.

Issue 9 topic: Rebirth. Deadline May 1.

Issue 10 topic: Habits. Deadline June 1.

Issue 11 topic: Brevity. Deadline July 1.

Past Issues

If you have any questions, ask below!

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